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Shivaji's Ashta Pradhan शिवरायांचे अष्टप्रधान मंडळ चक्र


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शिवरायांचे अष्टप्रधान मंडळ चक्र

The product is an educational wooden toy which is a revolving wheel to teach children about the ministerial system during the times of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder and first king of the Maratha Empire. The members of the Ashta Pradhan Mandal (council of ministers) were Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Secretary, Interior Minister, Senapati, Foreign Minister, Chief Justice and High Priest.

This engaging knowledge wheel toy will stimulate visual senses and memory, improve focus and motor skills of the child, and also provide a great opportunity for the parent or teacher to interact with the child. An entertaining activity for the child can be telling him/her about today's governance system in India and its similarities and differences with the olden times.

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