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Stereognostic Material Bag for Montessori


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This Stereognostic Material Bag contains one cloth bag and 10‚ wooden blocks (2 blocks‚ each in 5‚ different shapes).‚ 

This product is a popular part of Montessori Education and helps develop stereognostic skills, material visualization and sensorial skills.

Stereognosis is the ability to perceive and recognize the form of an object in the absence of visual and auditory information, by using touch and feel to provide cues from texture, size, spatial properties, temperature, etc.

Sample activity to‚ develop Stereognosis.

  • First, allow the child to feel and touch all the 10‚ blocks outside the bag
  • Then,‚ put 5‚ blocks (one of each shape) inside the bag and keep the remaining 5‚ blocks outside bag
  • Seal the bag with the string and shake to mix the blocks
  • Then, provide any one shape block to the child and ask him/her to identify the same block amongst the 5‚ blocks kept inside the bag by only touching and feeling the blocks inside the bag
  • Repeat for the four‚ remaining blocks outside the bag

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